NAEM's 2020 EHS Operational Excellence Conference

Phillip G. Levasseur, EHS Specialist; Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.


Phillip G. Levasseur, EHS Specialist; Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.

Mr. Levasseur is an Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation’s Pittsburgh, PA regional office. He joined Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation in 2011 and has been responsible for the development and management of several environmental and regulatory compliance processes for Cabot’s enterprise asset compliance system. His first responsibility, which he still retains today, is managing Cabot’s residential water quality program in Northeast Pennsylvania. He currently serves as an elected municipal official in his community where he is leading initiatives to improve local sewer and storm water infrastructure. This is a pursuit he has been engaged in since his involvement with research concerning freshwater inflows to bays and estuaries at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies in Texas. He has previously held board positions with the World Affairs Council of South Texas, ENERGIS Board for the Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and his municipality’s planning commission. Mr. Levasseur holds a Bachelors from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and a Masters from the University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences.




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